Our accomplishments

Ramakrishna Theater

We were responsible for various aspects of theater management, including admissions, cashier duties, and programming. This experience allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the cinema industry, dating back to 1988.

Lease Terms and Theatrical Distribution Office

We successfully managed a range of theaters, including Santosh, Sapna, Milan, Asha, Odean, and many others in Nizam and Marathwada. Our expertise extended to the distribution of Hindi movies in the region, including popular titles like "Phool Aur Kaante," "Aashiq," "Mohra," "Diwala," "Ghayal," and "Gatak" during the 1990s.

South Movies Dubbed in Hindi

In 2004, we ventured into the distribution of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi, making these films accessible to audiences all over India. We also supplied dubbed movies to prominent channels like Sahara, Zee, and UTV.

Mirchi Movies (Times of India)

From 2010 to 2015, we served as the South Distribution Manager for Mirchi Movies, a subsidiary of the Times of India group, contributing to the successful distribution of South Indian content.

Cinekorn Company

Between 2015 and 2019, we worked as a Distribution Manager at Cinekorn, specializing in buying and selling dubbed content to various channels.

At Kiriti Entertainments India LLP, our rich history in cinema distribution, operations, advertising, and branding, as well as our extensive experience in the industry, make us the perfect partner for all your entertainment needs. We look forward to continuing our journey in the world of entertainment and serving you with the best of cinematic experiences and promotional services.